Our Vision

Plans for PMT.


The Portfolio Management Team (PMT) is a student-run investment club that actively manages a paper portfolio in an effort to outperform certain market benchmarks. The main objective of the organization is to educate students on the importance of value investing and relying on fundamental metrics as opposed to speculative trading. The organization also strives to further advance the practical knowledge of UIC students who are keen on a career in finance and to create superior access to career opportunities in the investments industry.

PMT focuses on educating its members on learning and applying key elements of fundamental metrics such as strong financial statements, promising growth prospects, and competitive position. Our members conduct real-world research using advanced databases such as Hoovers, Mergent, and Bloomberg terminals to create pitches on companies they believe our portfolio should have exposure to. Since PMT’s inception over three years ago, the organization has made investments in multiple S&P 500 companies, ranging from middle to large cap companies, while offering flexibility to explore in other opportunities that are identified by student analysts.